How long does it take to clean my fire place?

Well all depend of the time that your fire place it has it been cleaned, or the many times that you use it

Also depend what type or fire place are we talking about if it is regular fire box or prefabricate or woodstove

Does my fireplace would have any kind of damage if we've use it every day?

Not Really, you can use your fire place every day if you please  but you have to be careful the way  

 you place your fire logs on the fire box or any type or fireplace you might damage the wall's or floor

How do I know what type of chimney do I have?There’s not that many type of chimney normally every single homes come with regular firebox which is bricks made and has a brick flu liner as well. And also there is a prefabricate model that it come with the townhouses. the last but not least is the woodstove or insert this are the most commons fireplace 

Will there be a lot of dust?

Normally there is not. Because we clean the chimney With a professional way.Using a powerful commercial vacuum cleaning that will sock every dust that is being collecting truth the process of the cleaning  

We lay down some   blanket and every part of the house where the fire place is located 

How do i know that my fireplace need to be cleaned?

​​Regular chimney cleaning  you will not notice that buildup of creosote and soot. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to know when to do it.  Clean your chimney when it needs it when the creosote is thick enough to cleaning. don't wait to do it once a year do it when it needs it

I forgot to call for a cleaning appointment

It is so easy to forget your Chimney so we offer a Free Chimney Sweep Reminder Service just let our technician know when you are ready for a cleaning and we will put you on our computer system for a Reminder that will help keep your home safe and your appliances working efficiently and your yearly

with a chimney cleaning

      and free inspection

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